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We are aware that people are the momentum behind the progress of a company. Our staff members are expected to continue learning. At our company, the staff learning and development programs are considered the stepping stone to the company’s success and the source of the company’s competitive advantage.

Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. offers an opportunity for you to learn about Six Sigma, balance score card, skill development, customer management, customer analysis as well as development and management of new products. You will receive professional trainings as appropriate.

In addition to providing work-related training programs, Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. incorporates all elements of training to the corporate operation and management as well as the production system, allowing the trainees to gain practical experience by applying the acquired knowledge and tools to the daily work. The process is crucial to the career advancement of the young talents.

We also have an excellent management system in place. We are committed to use the system to ensure that our employees deliver the best performance with their professional skills and reach their potential. To achieve this goal, Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. endeavours to be rid of the unreasonable constraints often seen in other corporations and to ensure that you have the space to fulfill the possibilities in your learning and career development.

Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ensure that you have the space to fulfill the possibilities in your learning and career development.
General Education
Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. develops a series of general education courses that introduce the company to the new recruits. The courses cover the corporate culture, company development, product description, human resources manual, environmental protection and safety, production procedures, internal network application, quality engineering, overview of batteries, et cetera. By taking these courses, the new recruits will gain a better understanding of the corporate culture and common language, thereby facilitating identification with the company.
Vocational Training
In addition to the general education, Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. offers professional training programs customized for individual positions at different departments. A mentor will be assigned to a new recruit to provide one-on-one assistance with work or life issues. Each new recruit is expected to attend well-developed vocational training sessions and submit weekly reports on his/her learning achievements, through which the managers may effectively monitor the progress of learning of the trainees.
Professional Skills
We provide various professional skill training programs in response to the diverse needs, including the ERP system training, operation of laboratory equipment, maintenance and repair of machineries, et cetera. The company may also arrange for the employees to attend training programs offered by external organizations to obtain professional certifications.
Leadership and Management
Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to cultivate talents that contribute to the development of the company and serve as the leaders at different levels in the corporate structure. To achieve the goal, we hire professional management consultants as instructors to teach a selection of leadership and management courses, including, amongst other things, strategic objectives, organizational development, leadership and management, competency development, strategic management and goal management. The objective of the courses is to clarify the corporate development goals for the managers at different levels of the company structure, and to thereby assist the company to achieve these goals through effective management.
Project Management
Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. continues to work on projects and assignments ranging from research and development, quality assurance, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, and operation. The staff are offered an opportunity to learn through participation in the projects and working in teams to maximize the learning process. For example, We introduces to the staff the Six Sigma Black Belt Program that combines the resources from the technical departments (e.g. R&D, quality assurance and manufacturing) and the management department to identify the issues in the production procedures and rectify accordingly. Through the process, the staff members get to learn and put the newly acquired knowledge to good use.
Every staff member in Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an important asset to the company. Our competitive advantages originate from the passion and dynamics of our valuable human resources.
Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to helping the employees to fulfill the following objectives:
  • becoming part of the valuable human resources of the company, reaching the potentials of each individual, and realising their career aspirations.
  • To diversify the career paths available to the staff, we have a dual track system for career advancement.
  • An employee may elect to take management positions or technical positions at his/her own discretion.
  • Furthermore, the system is implemented in conjunction with performance management procedures, giving incentives to outstanding performance and making resources available for improvement of poor performance, thereby preparing our staff members for the zenith of their career.
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